slow + sacred ADVENT 2019 calendar

Greetings!  slow + sacred ADVENT begins Sunday, November 25th.  We begin earlier than  the traditional Advent calendar so that we can engage in a full four weeks of activities and so that we are completed before Christmas Eve + Christmas Day.  Below is a printable 2019 calendar.  Print off the new calendar, and prepare your hearts + homes to celebrate the season.  Don’t forget to share your journey through slow + sacred over on Instagram at #slowandsacredadvent  And enjoy perusing through the sweet images, as others share their journey.  It’s always so inspirational.  Wishing you all the delights of the season.





2 thoughts on “slow + sacred ADVENT 2019 calendar

  1. Hi Jen, this will be our second year using slow+sacred advent. Last year we so enjoyed the recommended picture books that went along with each week. Do you have that list available? I’ve searched Instagram to no end. I know others would be blessed by these literature choices as well! Thank you!


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I’ll post about that soon, but you can find all the books at the bottom of my Amazon shop. You can find it here:


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