Petrology + Mineralogy Main Lesson

Thanks for your interest in my Petrology + Mineralogy Main Lesson.  I have received so many requests about sharing our curriculum and sources, I thought I’d just type out what our plan is for our next course of study and share it with y’all.  I teach a fifth grader, an advanced second grader, and a kindergartener.  We do these Main Lessons all together, but the boys all work at their own pace and their Main Lesson Books all reflect their grade level.  For those of you unfamiliar, Main Lesson Books come from the Waldorf philosophy of education and contain a selection of the content we are learning over the course of four weeks.  The boys will illustrate and write out concepts into their Main Lesson Books, and they are a beautiful keepsake for all that we journey through in our studies.

The Lesson Plan includes four weeks of study on rocks and minerals.  It covers a main topic of study, a language lesson, a geography lesson, a history lesson, a science lesson, and a few handcrafts.  There is also a list including links to ideas and a book list.  Again, my boys are all different ages and grades with varied abilities.  I use this lesson plan with all of them and adapt as necessary.  (Our Math lessons, and Literature selections are not part of our Main Lesson, FYI.)  Also, I will follow this plan very loosely, with flexibility for where my children’s interests lead us.  If they get super excited about learning about Volcanoes, I will not wait until Volcano day to engage and explore.  We will rearrange the schedule as our life leads us, and as their interests drive us.  And if we get behind, we will simply catch up as time allows.  This is the beauty of homeschooling.

The Main Lesson is available at the link below for $5.  It is a direct link for an immediate download.  If you do not receive the download link by email (from e-junkie, check your junk mail.) right away, please email me so I can sort it out and get it to you as soon as possible.  Thanks so much.  Hope this helps you plan for your course of study.

Please be advised, there ain’t nothin fancy about the download guys.  I’m a busy, homeschool mama like many of you.  Don’t expect cute clip art or colorful pages, or beautiful photos on this.  😉  It’s just a simple, black and white, font only plan.  Just trying to share a bit of inspiration and direction.  Y’all make the plan come to life in color!  Rock it mamas!  (See what I did there?)  xox


Jennifer Naraki